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How to Make a Blank Comment on Facebook

Codes for blank comment and Status update: (just copy and paste the code on Facebook comment box/Status Box and delete X/+ and enter) @@X[0:[0:1:]] <—— Delete the X @X[2:2:] <—— Delete the X @X[100000768624186:0] <—— Delete the X @@+[0:[0:0:]] <—— Delete + [[202651589832215]] @+[0:] <—— Delete + alt+0173 <—— In keyboard Press alt0173 after that leave alt . (Its For ...

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How to Add Permanent Manager on Facebook Page

1) Goto 2) Goto ‘ Get Started’ 3) Click on Advertiser, Then 1-10 peoples ,then again 1-10 4) Then click on next 5) Name your business , then select you page which you want to permanent manager ( Email place leave it empty ) 6) Then click on next 7) hen type your first & last name ( fill your e-mail of your account which you want you ...

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How to Remove Hidden Admin From Page

1) Goto Your Business Facebook Account 2) Then Click on Setting and goto Pages 3) Add New Page and Click on Claim Page (if you are admin on page then you can claim page else not ) 4) Paste Page Link and Click on Claim 5) When You Claim Page Successfully Then Check Admins if Hidden Admin is on Page Then ...

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How to Add Facebook Hidden Admin

1-First Make A New Email Id On Gmail or Yahoo 2- Then Go To Your Page Admin Roles and Add The New Email and Save It as Admin of Your Page! The Email will be added Automatically But Not will be on Screen ( Just Hidden ). 3- If Your Page Got Hacked or Someone Cheated You. You Completely Lose Your Access ...

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