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How To Boost On Mylikes Links And Get Maximum ROI

How to effectively boost paid links to maximum ROI?

I am going to explain the basic steps and research required to achieve maximum profit on Facebook’s boosted Posts.

Disclaimer: I do not take any responsibility for failed attempts or loss of money while achieving the results.

Steps involved:

  1. Find out link that has maximum CTR
  2. Boost the Post on Facebook
  3. Monitor the results

The first and foremost step in boosting is finding out the best possible link and that has best CTR. The link needs to be general and not of specific topic e.g. it must not be about Fashion, or Fishing. Because specific topics tend to have less audience compared to general topic. E.g. if there is a topic about “Top 10 fails”, it would target to all audience and in general it would bring more reach compared to specific topic.
So, how do you find out the link with highest CTR? Follow the steps:

  1. Before boosting any post you need to post at least 12/24 different (viral) links from MyLikes or iLyke or any affiliate you are using.
  2. Schedule and post these links with a reasonable gap and the link must be shortened with Bitly or any other shortener that can show click stats.
  3. Why shorten? Because to see stats, Facebook’s click stats are not accurate and are mostly off by more than 100%, and click stats are needed to find out the CTR of the post.
  4. Now, once all links are posted, go through all of them and find out the CTR by using the following formula:
<strong>CTR</strong> = Number of Clicks on that Link (via Bitly)  / Reach of the post on Facebook
  1. Once you do that, find the post with the highest CTR, and boost that post.It is recommended to boost a post that has CTR above 15%, this yields maximum return, if the posted links have less than 10% CTR do not boost, move on to other links and repeat the steps to find out the best CTR Link.

Now that you have found the best link, boost it with the following parameters:

  1. Target audience: Choose whatever gives most reach
  2. Location: Countries: “United Stats” or Target the countries that provide higher rates for the affiliate network
  3. Leave Age, Gender and Interests (Do not Edit, unless your link topic is of very specific topic)
  4. Set the budget to $25 (Start small) and Boost Duration to 5-7 days.

The more time you give Facebook to boost, it will be able to analyze the audience better and will achieve higher engagement with lowest possible rates.

Now that you have boosted the links, wait for it to get approved. Please note: Link thumbnails that have more than 20% text will be rejected, so choose something that has least possible text and has the curiosity factor to attract clicks.

Once the ad is approved, let it run for a few hours, now you have to see if the ad is profitable or you are less and you can do that by following steps:

  1. First you need to see if the CTR is maintained, you can do that by dividing no of clicks you got after boosting (from bitly) and dividing it by paid reach of Facebook post.
  2. You can find out the cost of per click by diving the money spent on the boost and dividing it by the number of clicks received on Bitly (after the boost)
  3. If the CPC calculated is lower than what you are getting on the affiliate site, it means that it is profitable.




e.g. In this boost , so far spent amount is $174.74 and the click it received are: 65539, so the CPC for this boost is: 174.74 / 65539 = $0.002

And MyLikes’s average CPC is $0.015 for US since the ad is targeted to US audience. So the per click cost for this ad is way way less than what I am getting on myLikes, that means the ad is profitable and it can continued.  In case if its low and less than the CPC of affiliate network immediately pause the boost and move on to other links.

Please remember, this is a game of research and luck. As much as there are chances of success you can fail as well. So be prepared.

If you successfully find the profitable Link continue boosting it for a longer term and add more budget to it, keep monitoring it because even successful boosts tend to perform poorer as time passes. So monitoring and keeping an eye on it is the key to success.

I hope this guide helps everyone.

P.s. Do not inbox me to ask questions about this guide, I’ll not be able to answer everyone. Instead post here and I might.

Credit: Muhammad Ali Khatri (Y)

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