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How to Merge Facebook Pages After Limit

                                                                                           1st Trick

1) Login to your accout. in which you have pages with same name and want to merge them

2) Now Login from another account and make same name new page and get 25 likes on it and set Url of page

3) After 25 likes and Url make 1st id admin on page in which you have pages

4) Merge new Page into Limit Page..If Page Succesfully then in 10 sec merge 2nd page

5) If new page also didn’t Merge then change your id and try again.


                                                                                             2nd Trick

1) Us USA given below

2) Then Login to You Facebook Account

4) Open this From

5) if you still found page not found then logout from your account and login again

6) Mark 1st line then select page in which you want to merge other pages then

7) Then in Lower Selction select those pages which you want to merge

8) Then send rqust with in 48 hours fb will merge your pages


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